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“Youth” Running Race and National Road Running Championship

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“Youth” Running Race and National Road Running Championship

The running race is held over a distance of 10,000 m, for senior athletes (year 2002 and older), junior athletes (year 2003 and younger). s part of the Running Race, the Republic of Moldova Road Running Championship is held, in which athletes from the same age categories as in the Running Race compete.

Running competitions are also held – the Popular Race, over a distance of 5500 m. Athletes born in 2005 and younger participate in this competition, veteran athletes born in 1982 and older, at the start all those wishing to compete at this distance are admitted.
The running race has as objectives:

  • Promoting a healthy lifestyle through running as the most accessible and most important exercise for physical fitness.
  • Encouraging the practice of performance and large public sports.
  • Promoting the image of Ungheni City through sports activities.

It reached its 24th edition, with over 300 participants from all regions of the Republic of Moldova, but also from Romania and Ukraine.


We meet here:

Municipiu Ungheni