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The prehistoric cult complex in Semeni village (Zamca)

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The prehistoric cult complex in Semeni village (Zamca)

With an unknown origin and time of excavation of the fortification, the village of Semeni hosts the remains of an earthen military fortification. The fortification is a flat surface, surrounded by a ditch with a diameter of 60 meters, a width of about 27 meters and a depth of about 3 meters.

According to legends, this is the so-called “table” where the meeting of the Moldavian ruler Dimitrie Cantemir and the Russian Tsar Peter the Great took place in the summer of 1711, during the Prut campaign.

Some researchers, however, state that the meeting place of the two dignitaries was the old settlement of Tutora, Ungheni.

Considering the devensive battle strategies, historians are of the opinion that the fortification in the village of Semeni could be built either by the Russians, or by the Turks or Cossacks, and especially by the Polish people, who fought in these territories in the 17th century.


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Village Semeni, commune Zagarancea