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  • Brief description of the cluster

The Regional Tourist Cluster Ungheni – 2030 was established on April 20, 2022 by signing the Memorandum of Collaboration between 30 members, of which 16 companies from different fields (agriculture, winemaking, production of ceramics, carpets, public catering, hotel and printing services, wood processing), 3 folk craftsmen, 5 local public authorities, the State Agrarian University of Moldova, 3 Public Associations and 2 museums from Calarasi District, who expressed their desire to associate in order to strengthen their efforts to promote a mutually beneficial cooperation in order to facilitate the development and promotion of tourism in the region, attracting investments and creating new jobs. Later, on March 15, 2023, another 8 members joined the Regional Tourist Cluster Ungheni – 2030, of which 6 enterprises from the areas of carpet production, agriculture, winemaking, public catering, entertainment services, Straseni City Hall, the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova.

  • Presentation of products / services

The products of the tourism cluster consist of all the offers of local service providers (accommodation, public catering, guiding, travel organization, leisure/events, etc.) and goods consumed by travellers (souvenirs, local gastronomy and drinks, local products) in the destination Ungheni – Calarasi – Nisporeni. The services offered within the cluster can be divided into two categories:

  • External services – provided by cluster members and
  • Internal services – provided by the cluster for its members such as (rent wooden houses, advertising services, training, consulting, mentoring etc.)

The Regional Tourist Cluster Ungheni – 2030 was established in the form of a free and open association. In order to coordinate the activities, the Cluster members, by consensus, appointed a cluster management entity and a Cluster Coordinator.

The Board of Directors consists of 7 people, being approved by the General Assembly of the Cluster with a simple majority vote.


Increasing the attractiveness and promoting the region by developing a modern tourist infrastructure.


  • Ensuring multidimensional support to the business community at local and regional level
  • Creating competitive tourist services through new innovations and modern business technologies

Strategic objectives:

Increasing the competitiveness of Ungheni region in the field of tourism in partnership with
stakeholders from Calarasi and Nisporeni regions

  • Creating a common approach for setting priorities within the tourism sector in order to ensure
    the development of Ungheni region from a socio-economic point of view
  • Supporting the professional development of cluster members
  • Ensuring the harmonization of interests and the representation of the interests of profile
    organizations in the field of tourism in Ungheni, Calarasi and Nisporeni regions
  • Collaborating with institutions, organizations and clusters from the Republic of Moldova and
    abroad in the field of tourism
  • Developing and promoting tourism products of cluster members
  • Developing tourist infrastructure in Ungheni region
  • Initiating and carrying out joint projects and plans in the field of tourism
  • Joint participation in national and international forums and exhibitions in the field of tourism
  • Joint participation in national and international projects and programs, with the aim of
    supporting the development of Ungheni region from a tourist point of view
  • Analyzing policies and new trends in the company’s field of activity and establishing technical