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Pirlita village museum

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Pirlita village museum

Created at the initiative of the Buzovoi family, with the support of the local community, the Pirlita Village Museum was created in 2004. Located in the former headquarters of the kolkhoz “Dimitrov”, the institution has 4 exhibition rooms.

The Museum’s heritage includes a number of over 3000 exhibits, collected by the institution’s employees, villagers, teachers and students. The exhibits are grouped into collections of folk wear, barks and carpets, traditional fabrics, household utensils, numismatics, photographs, old books and documents.

The Museum’s permanent exhibition presents both the history of the locality and its ethnography.

Of particular interest are the two peasant houses, specific to the locality, as well as the barks, carpets, towels, peasant furniture, but also documents, books and vintage photographs, exhibited in the permanent exhibition and in the temporary exhibitions.

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