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Magura Mound

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Magura Mound

Significant monument primarily due to its landscape and faunal wealth.
The mound is located on a hill, with a height of 14 meters, and its absolute altitude is 388 meters, being the second largest in the Republic of Moldova, after Balanestti hill. During the interwar period, a cross was installed on the top of Magura Mound, which was torn down by the Soviets. In its place, a wooden observatory was erected that has not been preserved to this day, and today a cross covered with stainless steel is reinstalled in its original place.

From a historical point of view, the monument contains an ancient burial mound of migration origin and the traces of a Cucuteni-Tripoli settlement, 3rd millennium BC. small ceramic fragments being discovered, but also a pyriform vessel with four figurines, which represented decorative female representations. On the top of the mound, an urn and a cup were unearthed, and a well-preserved sword dating back to the 15th century was found near Magura.

Once every two years, on July 10, near the tumulus, it is organized the festival “In hospitality at Magura Mound”. The culminating point of the festival is the huge hora that the villagers surround the mound.


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Village Tighira, commune Negurenii Vechi