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Equestrian cup „Iacob Ciachir”

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Equestrian cup „Iacob Ciachir”

It is a cultural-sports competition.

The equestrian cup is organized in memory of Iacob Ciachir. The former horse farm in Ungheni, established by Iacob Ciachir, was famous throughout the ex-Soviet area, where thoroughbred horses, very expensive and in demand at the time, were bred here. The event was initiated by Ion Poia from Ungheni and implemented by the Junior Chamber International from Ungheni – JCI Ungheni, in partnership with Ungheni City Hall, Ungheni District Council, the Republican School of Equestrianism and Modern Pentathlon.

The first edition of the Cup took place in September 22, 2018. 20 horses were involved in the event, of which 5 from the Ungheni Riding School and another 15 from other schools in the country that proved their courage, skills, craftsmanship, elegance in front of hundreds of Ungheni people.


We meet here:

Ungheni City