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Cross border Tourism – 1(proximity to Iasi)

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Cross border Tourism – 1(proximity to Iasi)

Pilgrimage 3 days/3 nights

Day 1:

  • Visit to the Church “St. Nicolae din the Danuteni sector. Built in 1882 by Prince Constantin Moruzi, owner of the Danuteni estate. The church houses the vault of the Moruzi family, located at the foundation of the church. The entrance to the vault is made by going down a few steps. In the vault are the graves of the founder and his grandson, Pavel Moruzi.
  • Visit to the Episcopal Cathedral St. Alexandru Nevski of Ungheni City. It is valuable for its original, relevant, interesting architecture. The author of the architectural project is the famous architect from Bessarabia from the beginning of the XX century Alexander Bernardazzi.
  • Visit to the Monastery „St Gheorghe’’ of Ungheni City. Church “St. M. Mc. Gheorghe” currently a monastery, was founded on April 16, 2000 on the Feast of the of the Lord’s Entry into Jerusalem.

Day 2:

  • Visit to the wooden Church “St. Hierarch Nicolae” from the village of Sculeni, a newly built church building;
  • Visit tothe Monastery „Golia”. It is an important place of worship in Iasi City, named after the great logophate Ioan Golia, the first founder. It is located in Targul Cucu. The feast of the monastery is “The Ascension of the Lord”.
  • Visit to the Monastery „The Holy Three Hierarchs” in Iasi. It is a valuable architectural monument in Romania, being located in the traditional center of Iasi. The Church of the Trisfetites was built by voivode Vasile Lupu, between 1637-1639,
  • isit to the Roman Catholic Cathedral “Holy Virgin Mary, Queen” in Iasi. It is a Roman Catholic church built between 1992-2005 in Iasi City, with the role of serving as an episcopal cathedral. It is located on 26 Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Street.
  • Visit to the Church “Cuvioasa Parascheva” in Iasi. It is an Orthodox church in Iasi City, which was built between 1853-1858 on the site of an older wooden church.

Day 3:

  • Visit to the Monastery „Cetatuia”. It is an Orthodox monastery of monks, founded in the 17th century by voivode Gheorghe Duca
  • Visit to the Monastery „Galata” from Galata Hill. Galata Monastery was built between 1577-1584, at the initiative of Prince Petru Schiopul.

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