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Church “St. Alexandru Nevski”

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Church “St. Alexandru Nevski”

Orthodox religious institution, inaugurated on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of Russia’s victory over the Turks in the Balkan War of 1877-1878. On the site of the cathedral elevation, in 1877, the imperial manifesto about the Russian Empire’s declaration of war against the Ottoman Empire was read in front of the Russian army. It has an original architectural style, being valuable especially because of its author – Alexandru Bernardazzi, creator of several architectural edifices, original in style, from the cities of Chisinau and Odesa. The first foundation stone was laid on August 30, 1903, in the presence of the governor of Bessarabia, the head of the Bessarabian Gendarme Directorate, the Russian consul in Iasi, the head of the Romanian border police.

The divine service was officiated by the Bishop of Chisinau and Hotin himself, His Eminence Iacob. On June 30, 1905, the construction was completed, and the consecration took place in 1906, on the Feast of All Saints. During the Soviet period, the place was turned into a museum.

The church resumed its activity in 1991, after it was repaired and consecrated by a council of 12 priests. Since 2011, it is an episcopal cathedral.
The monument is included in the national register of monuments.

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