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Church “All Saints”

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Church “All Saints”

Church “All Saints”, founded by the boyar Dumitru Carastati

The Church “All Saints” in the village of Untesti is located on a picturesque, special height, being seen and admired from all geographical parts of the surroundings. It is an old foundation from around 1785, of the nobleman of Greek origin, Dumitru CARASTATI, who held his estates from Untesti to the border with Parlita.

At first, when the founder CARASTATI distributed plots of land to some families on the territory of Untesti settlement, the Christians had a wooden church, and later there was built a brick church. According to the elders, the brick was burned right here, in Velnita Valley, where there were brick-burning ovens. The construction of the church has a ship shape, wall up to 1 meter thick. It is built with lime, eggs and animal hair.

In the post-war period, the church underwent major changes, being transformed into a grain and chemical storage warehouse, which caused corrosion in the wall.

In the years 1994-2000, a major internal and external repair of the building was carried out .

In the years 2000-2010, a new iconostasis, made in Romania, was installed in the church. A set of bells is brought from Kiev (Ukraine). An ensemble of 30 pews, made of oak wood, is installed inside the church.
The founder of the church, Dumitru CARASTATI, was buried here.


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